Madison Brown

Mississippi College

To my best friend, Claire Bear Payne: I’m beyond blessed to have met you this year. Who would have thought us doing the smeeze on the track during the football game would’ve created this amazing friendship? To you I leave our bonding over Taylor Swift, Timothee Chalamet, and Tom Holland. I leave you the time Riley and I made you think Sam had pooped himself on intersession LOL. I also leave you my soccer jersey— I know you will wear it well. (SCRUB SQUAD). I leave you every laugh we shared and every tear we cried. Thank you for making my senior year so fun and special. The coolest senior and eighth grader duo ever known in Donoho history. I love you more than you will ever know!! 


To my 6th Period English Crew (Ramsey, Ava, Lucas, Drew, Sean, and Belch): I leave y’all the great memories and laughs we shared together in this class. Ramsey, I leave you all the times we got in trouble for talking. Ava, I leave you every memory shared together and the knowledge that Lorraine Hansberry did not die in her 60s lol. Lucas, I leave you my seat (finally). Drew, thank you for giving me all those pieces of paper, I’ll repay you for those one day……maybe. Belch, I leave you every “Sup Belch” and “Hey Madison” we’ve ever said to each other. Sean, I leave you every high five, fist bump, and every time we dapped each other up. When the fish. Last but not least, I leave you the answers to English assignments. I’m so glad we all became friends this year. Thank you all so much for making this class enjoyable and fun.


To Luke Allen: I leave you all the food and drinks from the senior lounge. Sprite, Dr. Pepper, crackers, Rice Krispies, anything else you can name you can have it all. I leave you the random song and dance Emerson sang at prom that you got to witness. I leave you different categories to make fart noises for. I’m very glad intersession brought us together. Thank you for making that trip very fun and interesting. Thank you also for being the person I can talk to about Marvel and Star Wars to. So glad you finally got a 4runner— make it look good!! 


To Ryals Jones: I leave you every laugh we had. Riding with you to volleyball state has to be one of my fav memories of us. You made this soccer season so fun—SCRUB SQUAD. I love you so much!!


To Sarah Waggoner: MY TWIN. My girl, we’ve been through it all together, literally. I leave you all the best in the world. I love you so much and I’m  so glad we got to experience life together. You make life so fun!!


To Lillie Mae Sherman: I leave you the game against Saks. What’s 9+10?? Love you forever lil bae!!


To Lily Grace Draper: I leave you every laugh and memory we’ve shared together from middle school all the way through high school.  I also leave you the year we had study hall together. So blessed to have been able to spend all of my years being friends with you. I love you!! 


To Morgan Perry: I leave you that one day at practice where we didn’t pay attention to a single thing Jay or Vinny were saying and we just talked the entire time. Definitely one of my fav days. I leave you every other memory we created together. You’re so funny and I love it!! Love you, Mo!! 


To my BSFs (Best Sophomore Friends: Zoe, Erin, Nic, and Jack): You guys are so fun. Never a dull moment when I’m with y’all. Ernie and Zo, I leave you both the fun times we’ve had together during soccer. I leave y’all every memory we’ve created together. Every laugh we laughed and every tear we’ve cried. Thank y’all for every end of game hug. Those I will cherish forever. I love yall!! Nic, I leave you self tanner, a curling iron, and really good hairspray. LOL nah I’m just kidding, I’m glad we became friends this year. I also leave you the time me, you, Judson, and Dean went to Sneaky Pete’s. Thank your dad for paying for all of us and dealing with us that morning haha. To both Jack and Nic, I leave y’all our random talks at lunch. Jack, I leave you all the random posts on Instagram to post on your close friends because those never fail to make me laugh. I wish you four the best in life!! Love you all!!


To the Soccer Team: I leave you all every memory we’ve had together— every practice, every game, and the bus ride to Whitesburg this year screaming songs. I also leave the amazing memories from state last year. Last but not least, I leave y’all a new physical therapist—Dr. Brown out. I thank each and every one of you for making my last season so fun and special. Love you all!!


To The Donoho School: Thank you for encouraging me through every walk of life and pushing me to be the best version of myself I can be. Most importantly, thanks for letting me bring Emerson as my backpack— BEST DAY EVER. Peace out dho!!