Riley Johnson

Auburn University

Drew Williamson: I leave you any remaining athletic ability I had, as well as my silent aggressiveness. I also leave you all the early morning drives to Birmingham, practices at Sacred Heart, our beach trip, and all the other great memories we and others made in our early days on and off the soccer field. Even though it will not seem like it until about February, next year will fly by. Don’t do anything you will regret, and do anything you think you may regret not doing, and have fun. Love you, man.


Brody Moore: I leave you science. Also keep having fun at soccer and keep making it entertaining. Study and work hard.


Samuel Johnson: I leave you the Johnson name. Keep representing it well. Love you too.


Trey Alexander: I leave you our laziness, but getting the job done when it needs to get done. I also leave you my yellow cards, a midfield that checks back, and an out-of-breath one to fall back to your position when you make an attempted scoring run. Keep a cool head and have fun your last two seasons.


Ibrahim Lodhi: I leave you someone to fill Jack’s shoes of randomly yelling, “HAAAAMM” during practices and games. I know you will miss it.


Lillie Mae Sherman: Lilmaah


Jack Thomas, Que Williams, Boyce Yancey, Daniel Benton: Keep playing soccer and always give it your all. I leave you all the future memories and friendships you will make doing so. One day in the near future, you all will be the seniors in charge of the seventh graders.


Ms. Taylor: I leave you the memories of the OG Engineering and Design with Harry Bear, J’in Johnny, Bradey, and Owey. Just in case no one else puts it, I leave you POGIL’s. 


Mrs. Senter: I leave you my apparatuses on my lab reports and me asking Quynh-Anh to send me my test score. I am glad that I am not dead to you. 


Ms. Dewberry: I leave you the Downton Abbey soundtrack, my lack of Netflix, and my Instagram DM’s. 


Senora Whyte: I leave you my smile, even though you always had one to match.


Mr. Ford: I leave you my last psychology test. Take it with you in your new chapter.


All the teachers and staff of Donoho: Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. Thank you for caring and doing your jobs with diligence and passion. You make a tremendous difference in many lives.