Dean Harrell

Dean Harrell

University of Alabama


Sean: I leave you the “Nighthawk.” Take care of it and give it to Will whenever you get done with it. I leave you to keep the basketball team in check and prevent Drew from getting into any fights with other players, or even a referee. Lastly, I leave you the numerous fishing trips to the farm; I’ll find some good spots in Tuscaloosa though.


Drew: I leave you to be in charge of the basketball team. Keep coach happy and don’t let JC lock you up too much. Always remember the coach Harrell fundamentals too.


Jack W: I leave you to be the future point guard. 


Richard: I leave you to take the lead on defense. Take a charge every now and then, they don’t hurt that bad.


Isaiah: I leave you my 3 point shot.


Lucas: I leave you to text me “Hi Dean” every single day of college.


Tussin: I leave you to go find all the cool shirts at the thrift store.


Rico and Jit: Having spent my one game at second base, I leave it to y’all because y’all are much better at it.


Hayes: I leave you to make sure Will and your brother don’t drive Skip insane.


Beef and Cash: Celtics in 4.


Gretty: I leave you the ability to be right-handed.


Foster: I leave you that Van Halen shirt that I really want.


Susanna: I leave you to take care of Will. Don’t let him be weird in middle school.

Ramsey: I leave you my Nirvana playlist