Maggie Wakefield

Rhodes College

Samantha Wakefield – My sister and built in buddy. Oh how I will miss dragging you out of bed to school every morning and taking you home after long sports practices. I hope you look outside your social circle and comfort zone and find something that you are passionate about. I leave with you motivation to do something meaningful for yourself and your classmates and both the soccer and volleyball program. Remember to encourage younger girls because you will never know when you will need them. I love you!! 


Emma Obermaier – I have enjoyed having physics with you this year and have enjoyed being in band with you! I’m so glad that I’ve had you across all band disciplines because without you I simply wouldn’t know who to look at to laugh in the middle of a song. I leave you with the band program and all the kids that come through it. I hope that you continue to encourage a fun and loving environment for the band program and all the kids that go through it. I also leave you with the confidence to get out of your comfort zone and speak up! You are a natural leader! Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and what you think should happen. I wish you all the best in the millions of AP’s you are taking next year! 


Lillie Mae – I don’t know how many times I have come to soccer practice after having a really rough day and you just absolutely made me smile or bust out laughing. You are the funniest person that I know and always know how to bring up the mood. I leave you with the entirety of the backline and the soccer team. They need someone who knows what they are doing and you are their gal. Don’t let any coach tell you any differently because chances are that they are probably wrong. You got this! I love you Lillie Mae!


LG – Where do I begin. I have grown up around you my entire life! From countless birthday parties, playdates, volleyball practices, soccer games, and texts about the conversations our moms were having on the phone, we have really gone through a lot together. I will miss having you as my neighbor and seeing you everyday! I leave you the volleyball team. You have been the backbone of this program for so many years. I hope that for your last year that you can take a little bit of the load off and teach others how to carry it as well. I encourage you to make sure that you make sure to enjoy your last year and don’t work yourself too hard. Keep kicking butt in all that you do and I cannot wait to see what amazing things you accomplish! 


Erin Turley – Erin, Erin, Erin what am I going to do with you. It seems like it was literally a week ago when I heard that you were coming to Donoho! Over the past few years, I have really gotten to see you flourish and grow into the beautiful, confident, and extremely social person that you are today. I am so proud of you and all that you accomplish both on and off the soccer field. It will break my heart to walk on a soccer field and not have you as my teammate. I will miss screaming ERIN!!! from the goal before launching a punt your way. I leave you the recruiting process and all of the many tutor sessions that we have had together. The recruiting process is hard and will break you down but remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep working hard! As for the tutoring, you can always continue to ask upperclassman for help or reach out to Mrs. Miller whenever you need her. Don’t give up on your dreams!! I will miss you loads! 


Morgan Perry – Morgan, you are the most unexpected friend I have made this year. You have had me ROLLING on the ground because you are so sarcastic. I love your spunk and humor so much. I hope it never changes! I leave you all of my sarcasm to share with all of your friends and the younger classmen. I hope you continue to be an absolute beast on the soccer field and in the classroom. I love you Mo and I will miss you loads! 


Callee Taylor – CALLEE!! GK UNION!! I want you to know how incredibly proud I am of you. You have come such a long way in only a year in both volleyball and soccer. What I admire the most about you is how hard you work and how calm you are even in the most chaotic situations. As someone who does not have that ability, I promise you that skill will serve you well down the road. I leave you the goal and the neon yellow goalkeeper kit that I loved so much lol. I promise that you are going to do great next year. Do not be too hard on yourself! Like many others, you are going to make mistakes and that is okay. I have complete and full confidence in you and your abilities in goal! One day, you are going to get the opportunity to do the same thing I got to do with you. Treat all the new goalkeepers with love and show them all the little tips and tricks that help you out in the game. Be confident in yourself and your team! I love you Callee and I am so excited to see you grow! 


Sarah Waggoner – You have been a light in my life ever since 10th grade!! In volleyball or in soccer, you always know how to just throw your body at someone or at the ball and it is incredible. I have enjoyed seeing you grow as both a person and an athlete over the years. I leave you with senior year and all that it has to offer. Take your time and take in every moment. Help out when you can but not too much lol. SGA is not your problem anymore. I hope you continue to find ways to lead your class or help organize other importnat events. I will miss all of our hallway conversations and small interactions throughout the day. I love you Sarah! 


Noelle Senter – Noelle!! You have been the shining star in my life over my high school career. You truly made all my mornings and afternoons better. I have always loved our hugs, talks, and piggy back rides down the hallway. You are so much fun to hang out with and be around! Noelle, I leave you with the Upper School. Soon, you will get to come up and experience this magical thing called middle school and high school. Although both sound extremely intimidating and scary, I promise you that you are going to have a lot of fun. I hope that you remember that you are oh so smart and loved. The hardest part about leaving Donoho will be having to say goodbye to you. I love you so so so so so much Noelle and I cannot wait to see what an awesome person you will become!!


Claire Payne – The INFAMOUS Claire Payne. Man these last few years have put us through it. I am so thankful that I’ve had you to text about every Broadway obsession that I’ve had or the new Ben Platt album. Your smile, demeanor, and humor have always made my day. With you, I leave the Donoho Theater Department. I hope you continue to pursue your passion of theater and keep doing more Camp Broadway events! Don’t grow up too fast. Trust me when I say that my biggest regret was forcing myself to grow up before I was ready. Take your time! Enjoy being your age because once it’s gone you can’t get it back! I love you Claire Payne and you better remember me when you’re famous 🙂


Quinyon Williams – I know I have never talked to you but I just thought I should include you because I have never seen a male soccer player your age show up to practice and put in as much effort as you do. I leave you with the hill and all the laps around the track before practice! 


Chloe Melton – This past year has been so much fun with you!!! My little 6th grade reading buddy is now all grown up and it makes me feel old. You have such a big heart for others and are always willing to stick up for yourself (please don’t let that get you in trouble too much tweetie bird). I admire your confidence and ability to start a conversation with literally anyone. I leave you with all of our memories and time together. I will miss my Chloe hugs after games and hard wins! 


Isabella Romero- IZZY!!!!! You have been by my side since the beginning of this school year. I am so glad that you came to Donoho! You have been my hype woman since volleyball and I am so glad that I have grown to love you so much. For someone as small as you are, you sure do hold your ground and put up a heck of a fight. I am forever blown away by your athleticism and musicality at such a young age. I am so glad that I found someone who loves band and sports as much as I do! You have a heart of gold and care so much about others. You are a leader to your classmates and I am so excited to see where your future will take you! I leave you with all of the band and the soccer program. I know that in time you will grow to be not only an amazing leader but an even better person. You are so beautiful, smart, and kind!! I hope you continue to do great things!!! I love you Izzy!!!!