Grant Steed

University of Alabama

To Drew: I leave you the leadership of the soccer team. It will be tough, but the team has talent to be successful yet again. If it gets too bad, bring out the baby blues.


To Garrett: I give you my sole remaining wife beater.


To Lucas: You must take over the TAFTLRMGA(third annual football team locker room mini golf association). Make the courses interesting.


To Marcus: You’re the closest thing there is to the fourth Steed, don’t ruin the reputation. Also, I’m giving you a get out of jail free card, don’t get ejected again you delinquent. 


To Richard: I feel obligated to give you a pair of shorts meant for a normal-sized human. Also, a pair of scissors and a mirror so you can give yourself a better haircut.


To Beef: I give you the ability to roast people because you’re truly awful at it and have never beat me in a roast battle.


To Logan: I leave you as the only remaining judge of the worst daily practice outfits. Don’t be too harsh.


To Hayes: Most importantly, I pass down to you the number 3 football jersey, which no one but a Steed has worn in nine years. I’m not only trusting you to live up to it, but also to pass it down to someone else after you.