Eric Tolson

Moving to Donoho

As a child and teenager, I had attended the same school, Sacred Heart of Anniston, Alabama.  I had been there my entire life. Never did I think I would graduate from a different school.  During my time there, Sacred Heart was known as a basketball school with teams winning several state championships. However, the school was much more than that and I really enjoyed attending with my friends. After the end of my sophomore year, my parents and I decided I needed a change for academics.Therefore, we decided that I should attend the Donoho School.  While the transition was difficult at first, I have become a better student and also improved as an athlete. Also, I have made me a lot of new friends and a lot of new connections.

As I mentioned, I decided to move to Donoho for academics.  Ever since elementary school I have always been a pretty good student but coming to Donoho really pushed me to become a greater student and I will be forever grateful for that. The teachers and the administrators did a great job at making me feel welcome when I first arrived. The summer before I moved here I was very unsure on if I would be accepted or if I would fit in but everyone here welcomed me with open arms and was pretty excited I transferred. The thing that separates Donoho from the rest of the schools in the county is definitely the academics. The school does such a great job at preparing you for college and it is extremely evident and this is only my second year attending the school. 

When I first arrived last fall, the first thing everyone noticed was my size.  Everyone was shocked when I told them that I only played basketball and not football. On the first day of school ,Coach Sanders asked me to come and play football for him. He asked me the same question for the next two or three days. Even though I was hesitant, I ended up giving in and agreed to play for him. Last football season did not go too well. We only won one game the whole year. Everybody was determined to have a better season the following year so we all showed up to summer workouts every weekday. We grinded to get better and have a more promising season. Fast forward to this season, we shut out Pleasant Valley 25-0 in our opening game of the season.   At that point, I realized that all the hard work my teammates and I put in over the last three months was finally paying off and that hard work is never wasted .

Moving to Donoho has made me a lot of new friends and connections. It has also rekindled my relationship with some old friends that I had not talked to in a while such as Drew, Ethan, and Tosin. The most important connection would have to be with the teachers and the staff. Mrs. Gaines does a really good job of making sure we can meet with different colleges and she is always there if I need to ask her something. The connections she has made with different colleges helps the students get into those colleges and it just was not like that at Sacred Heart. This is only my second year attending the school and I am already much more confident about getting into the college that I want to get into. I don’t think I would be able to say that if I would have stayed at my old school. 

Transferring to Donoho was easily the best decision I could have made to better my future. While the transition was not the easiest, it proved to be well worth it and I am extremely happy to graduate as a falcon.