Mihir Patel

The Spill of the Century

I never thought that spilling a glass of water would be the first time I ever got in trouble at Donoho. I did not know what to think when I realized that I had done something I should not have. In all fairness, the spill was not even my fault. I did not even have control over how it happened, but I guess it was a good life lesson that if someone is having fun around water, nothing will ever go right.

It was my second grade year at Donoho. I was absolutely loving life. I had formed a good friend group with classmates that I still have to this day, but this year was different. I had no idea if I would continue going to Donoho after the second grade. Therefore, my parents made me remember as much information from Donoho, so that if I did leave, then I could be a genius somewhere else. I also made sure to have as much fun with my friends which would lead to my trouble later on. Anyway, the fact that my parents had essentially ingrained everything I needed to know up until sixth grade into my head made school so easy for me. A byproduct of this was that the teachers liked me since they never had to help me with anything, except Mrs. Mullins, who needed to help me and my bully become friends. Though, another byproduct of teachers liking me was that I never got in trouble and that was great. I could talk in class and generally be a class clown without any repercussions until one day, a certain boy in my grade happened to get a little mad at the fact some water got on him. That boy’s name was Tyler Allen.

Tyler and I were acquaintances at the time, but we did not know each other super well. We were friendly with each other and had a mutual respect for each other. One day, however, my mutual respect for Tyler flew out the window because he was a snitch. I was trying to spend as much time with my friends, which is why I was laughing and generally messing around with Judson during lunch, and all of a sudden, I fell back and hit a cup of water that was on the table. In almost “movie” fashion, the water slowly fell and exploded in Tyler’s lap which made it look like he went to the bathroom on himself. Everyone was laughing, except for him, due to heavy embarrassment. I saw the look in his eyes change from happiness to rage within a half second. I pleaded with him to simply write it off as an accident, but he did not want to hear it. He walked up to the teacher’s table in the middle of the cafeteria and told Mr. Davis everything that happened. Mr. Davis then threw up two fingers and motioned for me to come to him. That was when the punishment was dealt.

At the time, this punishment was the worst thing that had ever happened to me, and I genuinely thought my life was over. Coming from a strict family, I feared the school would call my parents. Luckily, however, the punishment was only that I had to stay inside for recess and write an apology letter to Tyler. Mr. Davis was my supervisor, and after I wrote the letter, I can distinctly remember the exact words that came out of his mouth which were, “This is horrible. Write it again.” 

As he said write it again, he threw my original letter in the trash. I was so confused as to why he did that, but I was not about to argue with him, so I wrote another letter that apparently was up to his standard. He gave this to Tyler who had seemed to have forgotten why I wrote it. I also had to formally tell him in person that I was sorry and his response was, “It’s alright man.” 

We were walking back from recess at the time, and I remember stopping in my tracks and looking at him puzzled because if it was “alright man” then why did he tell on me in the first place?

I like to think that Tyler was just embarrassed at the time and thought out of impulse, so I do not hold anything against him. He and I are still acquaintances, and we are still friendly to each other. He has been at Donoho the same amount of time that I have, so I feel like we share that bond with the rest of the fourteen-year-club. I still wonder to this day why that story sticks with me even after all of this time. I would like to think that it is a memory latched onto me to remind me about the times I had at Donoho. The good, the bad, and the ugly dictate how I feel about something, and Donoho has definitely had its fair share of each of those. I am just glad I was able to continue going to Donoho and form a family that I likely would never have had anywhere else. Although one thing that bugs me is that I never got to ask him why he was alright with it. I suppose I have the rest of the school year to ask.

(Editor’s Note: Tyler and Mihir both now laugh about this funny incident!)