Carter Stremmel

I leave Riley Goodson food because we all know he needs it.

I leave Jack Wallace the title of cross country captain, but only if you do outdoor track (yes, Riley, you should not be captain).

I leave Claire Payne the responsibility of being the most talented 8th grader I’ve ever seen, but also the responsibility of being last in every cross country race.

I entrust Bryant Whitney with continuing to slaugh and be a goofy ahh.

I leave Ramsey Whitney with the responsibility of being the loudest person in the hallways, always singing in sometimes opportune times (like me), and the inevitability that you will get kicked out of the college corner if you are sitting there. 

I leave Haley Hartwell with Taylor Swift songs and funfetti white chocolate chips, as well as the just dance “What Makes You Beautiful” dance

I leave Rory Parks with all of the songs of Paramore and Panic at the Disco, since you and I were the only ones that ever seemed to like them on the bus rides.

I leave Ansley Simmons and Emma Obermaier with the yearbook, (I know that’s not my responsibility, lol, but you get it) and I grant you good fortune in finding a staff that will be productive and be able to figure out the insanely confusing website mechanics.

I leave Estella Connell with continuing to carry the girl’s track team, and to make the bus rides to meets hype if you can. I also entrust you with playing Careless Whisper on the bus rides when you feel like it.

I leave Maeson Proctor with being a drama queen in the theatre departmet