Featured Artist: Liily Zhu

Virginia Beezley, writer

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As you may know, Donoho has many talented musicians, actors, and artists, and I have been given the opportunity to interview some of them. So for my first ‘Featured Artist’ article, I chose to interview junior Liily Zhu (Class of 2018).

In my interview with Liily, she said that her interest in art came from a young age. “I started art classes at age three, and I would draw on the walls” she said. When asked what she would describe her artistic style as, she described it as abstract and modern, types of art that heavily feature symbolism, which is evident in her work. Her favorite artist and someone who has inspired her art is Roy Lichtenstein, an artist known for becoming a leading figure in the new art movement with his use of pop art. Out of all her artwork, her favorite piece is one she made a few years back at her former school, which was a painting with a black and white gradient background featuring a red figure. I asked her what her favorite type of art medium is, and after a long pause, she decided paint, but said she doesn’t have a definitive favorite. My final question to her was if she would be working on any new projects in the near future to which she responded by saying “Yes, it’s a piece about Donoho, with the idea of a fish tank.”

Liily’s art is featured all over school, but the art featured in the picture is in the Fine Arts lobby. I look forward to seeing more artwork by her, and I hope you do too!