Viral Outbreak Day 2

Day 2 of Intersession: Survival skills

First we met in the library and met with Mr. Dave. He talked about how and when to apply certain bandages. He spoke about first aid situations like infection, broken bones, shock, splints, etc. He told us about and what to do in these types of situations. Mr. Dave taught us how to purify water. Some students drank the purified water (including me). It was actually pretty good! Later on, Mr. Donny came in. After that, Mr. Dave told us some cool ‘war stories’ about his years on the police force. He told us what to pack in a “bug out” bag. (“Bug out” is a term for when you need to get out of someplace fast) he told us about the supplies we’d need to last about 2-3 days. After lunch, we all made our way outside to look at some rough ideas of a ‘lean to’ and a log shelter. We were told how to make one to stay warm and hidden, using bark, leaves, or a tarp and 550 rope (special rope made to hold 550 lbs). Finally, everyone got in little makeshift teams and built their own fires. We used cotton, steel wool, straw, sticks, a battery, and a striker (The striker was basically some flint and steel that we struck against each other). We put the fires out afterwards. Then we all left and went home. Chloe Phillips