Spain Log Day 7

Isabella Howell

On our final day in Spain, we rose early to watch the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea. After breakfast, we set out for Bolonia, a beautiful beach near the Strait of Gibraltar. We were able to walk along and play on the beach for a couple of hours. Some of the boys even made the bold move to go swimming in the water (it was 63° and windy). After our time in Bolonia, we then traveled to Tarifa, a small city known for its port in Spain. We had time to eat lunch there and the girls went and had paella one final time. We stopped at a local site when leaving Tarifa to take a final trip picture. This picture was amazing because from where we were, mountains in Africa could be seen behind us. After our picture, we travelled back to Costa del Sol. We had our final meal in Spain at the hotel and then ventured out to get gelato with our tour guide Jesus. We also had some free time to shop in the local stores before heading back to the hotel. We leave for the airport tomorrow at 4:15 am. Please keep us in your thoughts as we make the journey home!

Pictured are: a group at Bolonia; the whole group at the spot where you can see Africa in the distance