Disney Day Four

Zoology? Zoolo Ghee, our Disney trip is over. At least, we were able to go out with a bang and go hang with the animals in Animal Kingdom. The freshmen learned about the occupations that involve animals other than being a vet. Now, we know we can be a nutritionist or endocrinologist to play our part in keeping Earth’s lovely animals happy. Until then, we can throw away trash and recycle to keep not only the animals happy but also preserve our life on Earth. The seventh and eighth graders spent the morning learning about taking care of the planet and about what it takes to create a symbiotic habitat. They acted as residents, tourists, business owners, and scientists who had to make decisions concerning the development of a new community. Expedition Everest was Lit. I rode it three times. Once in the back, once in the middle, and once in the front. The back was the fastest, but the view from the front was great. Nothing like that in Anniston. It was a great day!
Campbell Hagan