Operation Viral Outbreak

Today, we started off in Mrs. Senter’s room and learned more about SIR models and curve graphs. Ms. Nanson and Mrs. Senter taught us how to make and use a SIR curve graph.

After her class we went to Ms. Dupré’s class where we talked about point of view and ways to present our project. We talked about how over time, people’s views change and superstition vs. science.

First, we were in the library with Ms. Donnelly and Ms. Dupré and worked on our projects.

Next we worked in Mrs. Mead’s class on a worksheet about how different diseases are spread. For example, Chlolera is waterborne and is spread through people drinking dirty water.

We played a game outside that was like freeze tag where someone was the carrier and infected everyone, and someone was a healer, who unfroze the infected.

We then went to Ms. Nanson and Mrs. Senter and worked more on our project.

After lunch, we went to Mrs. Landrum and painted signs for the viewing party. We spray-painted warning signs, bloody tablecloths and banners, bloody hand and footprints, etc. While all of this was going on, one person from the group would use markers and map out where their group’s virus had spread and/or where it was contained.

Chloe Phillips