A Donoho Student’s Job Shadow Experience


Chase Johnson, Student Writer

At The Donoho School, sophomores, juniors, and seniors can take advantage of Intersession by job shadowing, taking a tour of colleges across the southeast, or by visiting a foreign country. As a student new to Donoho this semester, I opted to job shadow for this year’s intersession. My intersession advisor, Mrs. Landrum, and I sat down to explore careers and businesses to shadow. We determined The Factory (a multi-million-dollar-budget trampoline park) in Gulf Shores, Alabama would be a great fit for my week. Before going into the experience, I had a few things in mind that I wanted to observe in order to help me determine if pursuing a major in business is the right fit for me. Primarily, I wanted to see the structure of the company and an employee’s reaction to an unsatisfied customer.

I arrived on a Friday, a notably busy day for The Factory. A far as structure goes, the general manager was responsible for all operations behind the scenes to ensure that the hundreds of customers were assisted with little to no bumps. When problems arose with displeased customers, an employee quickly handled the situation, and the issue was efficiently resolved.

When I asked my mentor, Kaelin, what her approach is for “leaving work at work” she responded, “While I spend a great deal of my time planning for The Factory and ways to improve the business, ultimately you have to focus on the things that matter in life. My job is a blessing, but I will always put my family, friendships, and personal relationship with God before it.”

Thanks, Kaelin, and the rest of the Factory’s employees for allowing me to shadow and thanks for the wonderful, insightful experience!