Donoho Prom 2017 “A Night in New Orleans”

Olivia Davis, Staff Writer

Each year the junior class is tasked with designing and organizing prom. Under the leadership of class officers, the junior class must plan even the smallest details of the night, and it is often very difficult to execute well. The 2016-2017 junior class, although small, put on a successful night that many people remember far into the future.

Preparations for prom began at the end of 2016 with basics such as booking a venue, photographer, and DJ and picking a theme. The theme became the center of much discussion and debate among the class, but ultimately a New Orleans theme was decided, which included everything New Orleans- from jazz music to Mardi Gras and everything in between. Thus, the name “A Night in New Orleans” was given.

After returning from winter break, prom preparations were kicked into full gear and much time and energy were given to the event. The obstacle faced immediately was funding. The junior class this year has less than 30 students and a class of that size can only provide a certain amount of funds to finance the event. Bake sales, homecoming t-shirt orders, and concession stand profits only went so far, and the bookings of music, food, and photography drastically drained the limited amount available to the class to begin with. With this challenge, the class had to become creative in designing prom on a budget while keeping everything fun. Ultimately, the class was required to work together and planned and created the entire night themselves.

The junior class was divided into committees and worked with other classmates on the key aspects of prom: decorations, invitations, flowers/tshirts/leadout, and dinner. Each committee was given specific jobs to accomplish before and during prom. The decoration committee worked to decorate the venue and created designs for each area. The invitation committee met to hand make each invitation to help save money. The flower/tshirt/leadout committee researched and ordered flowers for the best deal, designed and organized t-shirt orders, and created the leadout schedule. The dinner committee helped plan photos and the meal before prom for the class. The junior art students worked diligently in the weeks before prom to modify decorations that were borrowed and create pieces of their own such as a Cafe Du Monde sign. Similarly, each junior was assigned either masks, beads, or lights to bring. By requiring students to bring items, design and create decorations, and plan each area themselves, the cost was kept low and true teamwork was shown. Likewise, all juniors worked to decorate the venue the morning of prom.

With the combined efforts of all juniors and advisors and the support of parents, prom went on without a hitch and proved to be a fun night for everyone! The class maintained their budget but was able to design beautiful decorations that were subtle yet spectacular. The teamwork shown by the class was the biggest success of the entire event, and hopefully classes in the future can learn from the cohesive efforts and determination of this year’s juniors.