2017-2018 Staff

Sonia Kashyap

Staff Writer/ Co-Editor

Hey guys I'm Sonia and I am the coeditor for the arts section. I have been part of the Donoho Arts Collabrative since seventh grade. I have been in numerous plays and I have also been part of the band and choir. I love to write...

Adam Stremmel

Staff Writer

Adam Stremmel is a featured writer on the Penfeather. This is his first year writing on the Penfeather. He likes drawing, acting, running, and soccer. He has been in numerous of plays since seventh grade and furthers his love...

Cory van Ekris

Staff Writer

Cory van Ekris is doing his second year as a writer for the for the Arts section of the Penfeather. He has been a part of the arts of Donoho since 2012 including theatre, art, and choir. He is in the Focus group, French Club,...

Maryam Salame

Staff Writer/ Co-Editor

Hey, I'm Maryam! This is my first year on the Penfeather staff. I'm a Co-Editor for sports, and I'm a member of the Donoho girls soccer team! I also take part in various school clubs and organizations such as SGA, band, Science...

Chloe Phillips

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Chloe and I am in the 9th grade. This is my first year being on the Penfeather staff, and I look forward to writing for it. I enjoy writing, drawing, singing, playing the trumpet and ukulele, playing video g...

Mahaley Tucker

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm Mahaley Tucker, a junior at Donoho, and this is my second year on the Penfeather staff! At Donoho, I'm in the choir, a secretary of the Donoho Band,  and involved with many other clubs such as French Club and Women's...

Campbell Hagan

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Campbell! I am a sophomore, and this is my first year writing for the Penfeather. I participate in many clubs, play basketball and soccer, and I'm a cheerleader. I'm also a student ambassador and a member of Donoho's SGA!...

Sarah Gibson

Staff Writer

Hey friends! My name is Sarah Gibson and I am currently a junior at The Donoho School. This is my first year writing for the Penfeather, but I have always loved to write. I am involved in many clubs and organization, such as Band,...

Madelyn Thompson

Featured Writer

Chase Johnson

Staff Writer/ Co-Editor

Hi there! I am excited to be re-joining The Penfeather for my second year, this year as the Co-Editior of Student Life! I look forward to providing several articles in Student Life offering insight to the day-to-day of a student...

Constance Hodges

Staff Writer

Hey, I'm Constance Hodges! I'm a junior at Donoho, and this is my first year on The Penfeather staff. I love sports, and I've been playing soccer and basketball since seventh grade. I am involved in Science Club, Gauntlet, Spanish...

Olivia Davis

Staff Writer/ Editor

Hello, my name is Olivia Davis! I am a senior at Donoho and have been on the Penfeather staff since my Freshman year. I have always had a passion for reading and writing, and this year I have the honor of serving as Editor of...

Virginia Beezley

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Virginia, (but most people call me Ginger) and I'm in the 10th grade. I play golf, the flute, and I dance. In my free time I like making/watching YouTube videos, attempting to learn different languages, and binge...